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Better Software Consulting



About us

We are a software company with a long experience in software development.

Our expertise

We have worked in various different kinds of projects. Our main focus is in AHU-configuration software and related software.

Our values

Integrity, honesty and openness are at the core of our values. We believe this produces unsurpassed quality.



We use industry standard solutions and follow common good practices.


We have a culture of openness and trust. We are WYSIWYG.


We believe that every transaction we make should be win-win.



When you need speed. Windows is unsurpassed when we need raw speed and local storage. Most calculation intensive software perform best as Windows programs. We also use Linux on our internal software but we do not do projects based on Linux.


When you need accessibility. Web programs are easy to access from almost any device using standard web-browsers. Calculation intense software tends to burden the servers raising costs. WebAssembly fixes this to some extent. We can get almost Windows program speeds in the web using WebAssembly. 


When you need scalability. We use mainly Microsoft Azure as our main cloud provider. It integrates nicely with other Microsoft tools and has a good selection of resources.


Our solutions are hybrid

This means that our solutions usually work on several platforms at the same time. Each piece is implemented where it fits best.

Everything in its place 

Pieces that need computing power are implemented in Windows. Web pages are used for easy accessibility. Main data storage is kept in cloud databases. 

Your needs

Each problem is different

That is why every solution should be tailored to the exact problem. This takes careful 

We take the pieces that are needed and tailor a solution for your particular needs so that all the pieces fit together.

The battle between two worlds

Ready-made software

Usually costs less and is multi purpose and does not fit your exact needs without configuration.

Tailor-made software

Usually costs a lot more and is made exactly to fit your needs.

The best of both worlds

The Hybrid

We take ready-made software modules from our library and external sources and weld them together to form a tailor-made solution that is made just for your needs. 

Everything in its place

You can have a solution that uses both Windows and Web interfaces as needed. Both get data from  Windows program  with data updating real time.

Safety in Cloud

Your data is always safe in The Cloud. You can access it also with external software.


Each part of your software is independent and extensible. This means for example that the web services that your Windows programs use can be extended to provide information to your CRM-system or whatever system you have.

Contact us

We can define your needs and find a solution that is best for you. 

We are not experts in everything so sometimes the best solution does not come from us. In those cases we will help you to find a provider that is best suited for your particular needs. 

We will always do our best to get you going in the right direction